Red Horse Gallery

An Art Gallery on The Big River dedicated to Art of, by and for The People!

John Durfey’s Show Opening Tonight!!

Tonight as in SATURDAY OCTOBER 5th!  Be sure to stop by and say hello!!!

“This is a truly amazing selection of John Durfey’s work. He has tremendous talent and I’m blown away every time I experience his work.” – John Sagan

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2 comments on “John Durfey’s Show Opening Tonight!!

  1. rpro55
    October 7, 2013

    John & John,
    A great experience. I was very impressed with the whole show. My favorite piece was the set of four square panels to the right as you enter the gallery. The depth and intensity of blue and shimerring gold, and the playful composition of these shapes kept me involved. I also enjoyed a visit in amongst the crystals and wood carviings.

  2. Al Mueller
    October 8, 2013

    A really nice exhibit and gallery. My wife and I had a great time enjoying John Durfey’s wonderful paintings.

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