Red Horse Gallery

An Art Gallery on The Big River dedicated to Art of, by and for The People!

Coming October 8th: James Risser!

A photograph—as opposed to merely a photo—is not contrived, phony or fraudulent. The photograph is an image capturing an authentic moment that only existed once.
But, the art of the photograph is obviously something beyond its existence. It must create something new. It is a dynamic that only occurs when the viewer of the image sees something in the image that prompts an internal dialogue with the photograph. If a photographer is fortunate, perhaps one out of a hundred attempts will yield an image that speaks with meaning for another. My photographs are not photos. If they were, I would not show them to anyone because there would be no authentic point-of-view, no dynamic effect, no dialogue.
Only to the extent my photographs create a moment, a spark of something in the viewer,  can they be considered in any way artistic or for that matter, a photograph.
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About Nicholas Sagan

I've been immersed in science fiction since I was very young and as an extension of that I would build models. Generally, kits that I built as a child often fell apart months later and were unpainted. For a time I drifted away from modeling only to re-discover this fantastic hobby in 2008, beginning with science fiction kits and gradually moving back into airplane and military subjects. Since then I've built close to 150 model kits and a handful of them have been commissions. This site is dedicated to all my completed model kits, regardless of client, technique, time invested or genre.

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