Red Horse Gallery

An Art Gallery on The Big River dedicated to Art of, by and for The People!

New Work by Ray Kiihne! Opening Aug 4!

I learned the language of abstractionism some years ago and usually avoid reference to recognizable objects in my works. More recently, Iʼve been fascinated with the new acrylic reds, many of which are transparent. In 2017, I began using a light green behind red and found a new depth to the color. I enjoy color as color and usually avoid, for example, creating yellows that refer to sunlight or blues that refer to sea or sky. Instead, I invite the viewer to enjoy color as an entity unto itself. I invite you to get lost in a field of blue stain.

Our present political quagmire has interrupted my detachment. While I believe in Americaʼs ability to withstand political chaos, I sense that earth itself is in jeopardy. With that thought in mind, I have created several earth tondos for the present show. On them, I have experimented with creating a soft atmospheric surface by mixing acrylic wall paint with plaster of Paris to form a chalky paint known as, believe it or not, distemper.

I welcome your response.

Ray, July 19, 2018

About Nicholas Sagan

I've been immersed in science fiction since I was very young and as an extension of that I would build models. Generally, kits that I built as a child often fell apart months later and were unpainted. For a time I drifted away from modeling only to re-discover this fantastic hobby in 2008, beginning with science fiction kits and gradually moving back into airplane and military subjects. Since then I've built close to 150 model kits and a handful of them have been commissions. This site is dedicated to all my completed model kits, regardless of client, technique, time invested or genre.

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