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Will Brzezinski Artist’s Statement and Bio

My work emphasizes rhythm, expressed through texture. I highlight these elements because I can get lost in them as they create space and pause in everyday life. 

Rhythm is created with chattered marks, highlighted by underglaze, on the surfaces of my work. Those marks evoke trees and ripples in clouds or on water. Before chattering I take deep breaths and focus on positive intentions, as making those marks is one of the defining parts of my process. 

My color choices attempt to capture specific moments in time and are inspired by my interactions with nature. Sky, plants, and rocks influence my colors as does curiosity about the ways colors interact with each other. 

I hope to make pleasurable items for use that connect us to reality, to our surroundings—while slowing us down and helping us relax.

Will Brzezinski grew up in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and became interested in ceramics while a highschool sophomore. His initial attraction to ceramics has stayed with him and still motivates his work now—crafting objects that are usable in everyday life. The energy of handmade objects appeals to him. 

He graduated in 2014 from UW-Stout having earned a BFA with a concentration in Ceramics. After moving to Winona and taking a few years off to reignite his love for ceramics, Will has been driven to make rhythmic vessels for daily enjoyment.

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