Red Horse Gallery

An Art Gallery on The Big River dedicated to Art of, by and for The People!

The 2021 Season is Announced!

A painting from Julia Crozier’s 2014 Red Horse Gallery exhibition

Firmly believing that art-lovers will once again gather to celebrate creativity as the pandemic subsides, Red Horse Gallery Director, John Sagan, announces the exhibition schedule for the 2021 season of Fountain City’s gallery of Art of, by, and for the People.

Starting in June, the Red Horse plans a full slate of monthly exhibitions running through December featuring noted artists who happen to reside in, or have connections to, the Driftless. Julia Crozier, Clyde Stutsman, Nick Sagan, Mike Oweke, Dan Grimslid, and Warren Rivett will each be fêted with solo exhibitions, while the last exhibition of the season will be a group show. Painting, mixed media, prints, and watercolors will be among the modes of art-making presented in Sagan’s congenial gallery on the Big River.

June — Julia Crozier, new painting
July — Clyde Stutsman, mixed media
August — Nick Sagan, new work of an unknown mode
September — Mike Oweke, painting
October — Dan Grimslid, lithography
November — Warren Rivett, watercolors
December — Group Show

We regret we cannot now tantalize you with samples of the art that will soon adorn the Red Horse walls. Instead, as an appetizer, we offer a slide show of existing work by Julia Crozier, borrowed from her website (

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