Red Horse Gallery

An Art Gallery on The Big River dedicated to Art of, by and for The People!

Dirk Nelson

In 1964, the Beatles released a song titled “I Feel Fine.” The recording begins with a short burst of feedback from John Lennon’s guitar amp.

The sound serves as a reminder that underneath the refined sound of this popular song are the electronic tools and implements that make their beautiful noise possible. It strips away some of the mystique of the industry and reminds us of the bones of the recordings.

When you look at a collection of my work you will often see little reminders of the process of how these pieces are made. You might see brush marks or drips in the ink drawings and parts of the armature in the sculpture and the outline of plate impression around the prints.

The real joy for me is not so much that these objects exist, but the fun and excitement I had in making them. I like to let that process show in the final piece. Sometimes the mistakes or accidents that happen in the process of making a piece opens my imagination to a completely different image. It can be a little like throwing a surprise party for myself.

There is nothing exciting or erotic in the expected.

2 comments on “Dirk Nelson

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  2. Lindsey Wetzel
    March 29, 2016

    I look forward to the upcoming show!

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