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Ed Hoffman

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I moved to Winona from Seattle, WA in the spring of ’07 to open a joint many of you may know as Ed’s (no name) Bar. I have since then, with fellow artist Lyon Smith, opened Boat House restaurant in Levee Park. In Seattle, I worked at the Hale’s Ales brewery and showed art at a number of great venues and galleries around the city. I lived and kept a studio in the neighborhood across the ship canal from Fremont in an area my roommate and I dubbed Queen Anne’s Arse.

This recent stint in Winona isn’t my first. I grew up there, attended public schools there and tried to make a go of it for a year after high school by working four jobs there. I was a young barman at my parent’s pub outside of town, ran a camera for the local cable access station (under the tutelage of local celebrity Al D. Light), worked at a record shop, and even tried my hand at making reinforced thermal plastic pellets at a local factory (don’t try it. you won’t like it). In 1995 I decided to make a run for it. I fixed up my step-dad’s ’82 Ford Econoline Van and decided to drive until I ran out of money. Thus began my life of wondering.

Over the years I have lived in the Puget Sound area twice. I’ve traveled a bunch. I managed an upscale deli and also slung healthy drinks in a juice bar in St. John, US Virgin Islands, worked as a marketing manager for Bacardi and Jim Beam Brands in Minneapolis, got a degree from WSU, studied, taught, and walked in Spain. In fact, my journey on The Camino De Santiago in Spain inspired a series of pastel drawings that provided the theme for many of my art shows while I was working in Seattle.

Painting and drawing have been a constant throughout my life, although I never studied it academically. While I had some great teachers when I was a kid, I am primarily self-taught. As a student of history, my work often looks back to artistic schools of the past -I let reference be my guide- but I always strive to continually develop my own recognizable style. I currently paint in a home studio flat in downtown Winona. Up until 2 years ago, I co-kept a storefront studio and gallery in the space below the flat known to some as Mississippi Gypsy.

The work I selected for this show at Red Horse are part of a group of paintings I call ‘Fire Series’. They were influenced by a winter’s night spent around a fire with fellow artists Jamie Harper, Lyon Smith, Andrew Foss and MMAM curator Jon Swanson. My goal was to capture light and shadow in flickering, unpredictable motion. The works are acrylic on canvas.

One comment on “Ed Hoffman

  1. Carolyn lin
    August 23, 2016

    I am staying in a Airbnb-like place Nd the owners have one of your paintings. The one with a boat in front of a taller house painted in a triangle of houses by the water. I was wondering if you had a catalog you could send me.

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