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Emerald Hulsing

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Artist Statement

The life I have led has been an eclectic, rambling one, full of distracting and compelling experiences – for which I thank my parents and the parents of my parents – that exposed me to a world of culture, music and art that has influenced my artistic practice and the creation of the works that you will discover in The Imaginarium of Anatomical Delights.

I find it hard to believe that my artwork will have any significance for anyone other than myself and am continually surprised by the range of responses that it generates.

For me, my artwork is not about the significance of the actual subject, but of the process.  This process includes the removal of emotion and thought from oneself and pouring all of it onto the canvas in front of you.

To try to convey the true meanings of and motivations behind each piece on a single sheet of paper seems to me to be a futile task. Instead, I would rather let you, the viewer, decide how each one affects you, because the truth is that there is no ready meaning in my art, or perhaps that the true meaning is so far submerged in my subconscious that digging it out to share with you would not only be a painful experience, but a wasteful one.  This true meaning is far too obscure to force upon the imagination of another.  To impose such thoughts on the mind of another is a violent act and though painting can be a violent act in its self, I would rather ease in upon your mind, with reds and blues and greens and yellows, a slight pressure, hardly noticed amongst the blended hues.

Mostly I want people to think outside of the normal square-cornered box they hold themselves within.  I want to give them a slight sideways glimpse of the world behind my eyes, but just for a moment. As you set your gaze upon the collection of works that hang upon these walls, naked and unprotected, perhaps we will be able to understand each other, for just a moment.


Emerald Hulsing is a visual artist practicing in the fields of painting, sculpture, drawing and clothing/costume design. She has a degree in both studio art and graphic design from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota as well as a theater minor. Emerald has been drawing since she was 2 years old when she discovered the seemingly limitless canvas that was her bedroom walls. Furthermore, perhaps due to her nostalgic nature, or perhaps in the desire to show progress and to learn, Emerald still has nearly every sketchbook she ever filled with drawings. Emerald currently lives in Winona, Minnesota.

3 comments on “Emerald Hulsing

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  2. Orlin Brommer
    April 10, 2013

    Her work leaves me wondering…….and that’s good.
    Her work slams my senses……..and that’s even better. Thanks, Orlin

    • redhorsegallery
      April 10, 2013

      Thanks Orlin – i will pass your appreciation on to Emerald. I am sure she will be very pleased. And thanks to Kathy for her appreciation as well. John

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