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Linda Passon-McNally


Personal Statement:

“When I think back on the 40-plus years I have been involved with photography, both as a picture viewer and as a picture taker, I am pleasantly overwhelmed. I have watched and taken part in a tremendous growth of ideas through creativity and technology. I also admire and learn from the timelessness of photographs taken by the old masters, and enjoy resurrecting images from my early work. Photography has provided me with a way of extending memories from my life’s experiences. My interests vary to depict what I love: traveling and observing people in their environments, discovering patterns and details in landscapes and nature, and capturing special moments with family and friends. My mind’s eye is always “on.”


Linda Passon-McNally lives in St Paul MN with artist-husband Bernie McNally, also a frequent exhibitor at Red Horse Gallery. Linda’s photography education began at the Univ of MN in the early 1970’s and has been enhanced throughout the years by participating in workshops and educational experiences with Professor Allen Downs (Winter Quarter n Mexico), Craig Blacklock, Nadine Blacklock, Minneapolis Photo Center, WPVA (Women Photographers and Visual Artists), and traveling the highways and byways. She also spent many years as photographer for Young Dance and for the MN Crafts Council and Lake Superior Port Cities magazines.

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