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Mary Coughlan

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Coughlan who lives in rural Trempealeau County , WI presents work that includes several series of images including native seedpods, Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge/Mississippi River images, images of fossils, a stone wall, and a number of small windowsill still-lives.

Coughlan made her first copper etching as a high school student at Mt. Prospect High School in Illinois working with Richard Abbott. Coughlan says of her work, “One thing I enjoy about my work is looking back on it and seeing how it records various aspects of my life. The imagery is personal and comes from various experiences in my life: from the plants I grow, and objects in my environment to a record of things I see taking walks, canoeing or traveling.

Her mentors have included Betty Ann Mocek at the College of Saint Teresa and, Yoshi Takahashi from whom she learned color etching while at Salzburg College in Austria and Professor Malcom Myers at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Coughlan earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of Saint Teresa, Winona, and a MFA in Printmaking from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

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