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An Art Gallery on The Big River dedicated to Art of, by and for The People!

Pat Wolfe

My interest in art began with music. I needed an avenue to try and express what can not be readily translated to words. My passion for the visual arts began with my fascination with nature, and my fondness for trees. Wood is a magical and beautiful substance to me. I began to carve wood sculptures and eventually began painting designs that I found in nature that appealed to me.

Painting is very interesting to me. You can manipulate the effects of the paint by how you mix the paint, determining color and viscosity, the type of brush, the pressure and type of stroke. It is pure joy to experiment with the hundreds, if not thousands of ways to manipulate paint to create things that come from impulse, design, or a mixture of the two. When thoughts cease and actions flow is when the art, I enjoy most, is created.

These creations have meaning because I have placed it there. I hope that something among them might stir another to place some meaning there, as well.

Ultimately, I create art, because I must. It is in there and I must release it in order exist.

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2 comments on “Pat Wolfe

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  2. Jenny Alfaro
    September 6, 2013

    Pat’s work is very visceral for me. The organic, primitive and yet contemporary fluid qualities carved in the wood sculptures demonstrate skill and talent. His paintings contain a lovely luminescence which also reflects the natural world.
    The more contemporary, Klee-Kandinsky-like painting exhibits sophistication and demonstrates principles of art, in which the graphic elements of line, color planes and space are set in motion by an energy from the artist’s mind.

    Pat, thank you for sharing your imaginative and refreshingly original work.

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