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An Art Gallery on The Big River dedicated to Art of, by and for The People!

Ray Kiihne

“There are plains people and there are tree people.  I’m a plains person.

“It has been important to me to seek out and experience the endless horizons of Brazil’s Cerrado, of Patagonia in Argentina, and a slice of the Sahara desert at Ouarzazate, Morocco.

“Growing up on seven different dry land farms in northeastern Nebraska,  I walked to school with natural prairie on the good side of the road and stunted corn on the other.  I developed a love of open spaces with distant  horizons.

“I earned my BA from Wayne State College, MA in Art Education from Ball State, and MFA from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

“I enjoy working on large canvases with acrylics.  My works have included large spray gun aura installations, stained canvases, and bold flat color work investigating the impact of individual colors.  I also work with handmade paper and photography. “

Statement on new work:

This chrome green and graphite series began in mid April 2014.  Eight of the pieces started as 10 x 24” strips of plywood, backed by a 1×2” supporting frame, and divided in the middle to give me two off-square panels.

I have sought to contrast the two panels by using a variety of materials and techniques.  In many cases, I found myself adding organic materials to the paints, taking those materials out of the compost/soil/food/waste cycle.  I have taken small bits of material which were capable of supporting life and imbedded them into a static surface.

 A critic’s statement echoed in my head during this series:

Let them see your passion, let them know your journey.

I am a painter and a gardener, a papermaker and a lover of jazz.

I hope you meet the whole in these parts.

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