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Rick Alfaro

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My interest in photography originated during the l980’s while living in California.  At that time, I  attended an introductory photography class at a local community college and also experimented with underwater photography. In 1993, I returned to Winona and continued photography and attended photography classes at UW LaCrosse.

My photographs have been exhibited at UW LaCrosse, Viterbo University, The Pump House, LaCrosse, WI, the Winona Art Center and the Two Rivers Art Festival in WI.

Originally, I photographed to have a visual record of my travels, which included the Southwest, New England, Canada, Mexico and Europe. My travels inspired a photographic series of Midwest and Southwest Native Americans, and Pennsylvania Amish.

I develop and enlarge all black and white photos using a graded fiber based paper for soft and warm tones. Archival mounting and matting insure longevity of photographs.  No digital equipment is used in any of my work and all color prints are sent to a studio in Minneapolis.

In later years, I realized my photos were becoming far more than just a visual record of  travels,  For me the camera summons, awakens, teaches, helping me to slow down, to pay attention and has evolved into the”art of seeing,” focusing, not only on the world around me, but  providing direction to understand myself and others more clearly.

My wife, Jenny, has helped with my “seeing” and the individual who most encouraged me to continue photography.

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