Red Horse Gallery

An Art Gallery on The Big River dedicated to Art of, by and for The People!

Tom Brandt

Tom Brandt: Through The Lens of the Camera

I first started taking pictures three years ago as a way to get back to nature. I enjoy taking pictures of natural settings involving birds and animals. Having participated in hunting years ago I wanted to take time to relax in the way one might when bow hunting but did not want to seek game in the same way. As I began taking pictures I found that I liked framing things in a way many do not, looking at a setting or object in a closer tighter way focusing on part of the whole. This led to photo sessions at the automotive salvage yards that had been part of my auto body career and looking at the vehicles that sat for centuries aging in their own unique way. This has allowed me to blend many of the things I enjoy, the art of the automobile, nature, and wood working. I hand craft the frames for all of my photos using wood and building the frame and finishing it specifically for the photo. I have most recently incorporated automotive finishes to the frame linking my auto body career to the hobby of photography. This past October on a trip to Napa Valley with the Bullard’s I took a photo for entry in a national contest entitled “A perfect moment” with Brad and Alicia serving as the models. In January 2014 it was selected as the Grand Prize winning photo. Typically I do not photograph people and even in this photo I tightened the framing of the photo and included only part of the whole. Photography has become a way to tie many of things I enjoy together and to be able to share the results with others.


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